Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172
Updated:  10/19/2012 at 6:21 PM

Dear Parents, Managers and Coaches,

Wisconsin has enacted the Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172.  Below you will find specifics regarding this along 
with website links for your information.

In order for BLL to be in compliance we will be required to do the following:

Players/Parents:  Read attached player information sheet, sign and return agreement to your coach by Friday May 
19th, 2012.  On Monday May 21st, those players without a signed form will not be allowed to play BLL.

Parent Concussion Fact Sheet
Player Concussion Fact Sheet
Parent/Athlete Agreement Form

Managers and Coaches:  Read the attached coaches’ information sheet and agreement form.  Please turn in your 
entire team’s packet all at once to Jodene by Friday May 19th, 2012.  If I am not at the complex then please use the 
mail slot in the back of concessions-this goes into the locked office and I can retrieve it there.  Please consider 
going to the CDC website and reviewing videos regarding concussions.  While this is not mandatory, it is valuable 
for the safety of our players!  

Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet
Coaches Agreement Form
The summary of Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172

The Wisconsin DPI has published the Sideline to Safety (concussion law) guidelines for youth athletic 
organizations. With the publication of the guidelines, the law is now implemented.

Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172 - Statute 118.293
The law requires all youth athletic organizations to educate coaches, athletes and parents on the risks of 
concussions and head injuries and prohibits participation in a youth activity until the athlete and parent or guardian 
has returned a signed agreement sheet indicating they have reviewed the concussion and head injury 
informational materials. The law requires immediate removal of an individual from a youth athletic activity if 
symptoms indicate a possible concussion has been sustained. A person who has been removed from a youth 
athletic activity because of a determined or suspected concussion or head injury, may not participate again until he 
or she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance from the health care provider to 
return to the activity.

"At the beginning of a season for a youth athletic activity, the person operating the youth athletic activity shall 
distribute a concussion and head injury information sheet to each person who will be coaching that youth athletic 
activity and to each person who wishes to participate in that youth athletic activity. No person may participate in a 
youth athletic activity unless the person returns the information sheet signed by the person and, if he or she is 
under the age of 19, by his or her parent or guardian.”
Full Text <http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/related/acts/172>

Further Information

Guidelines for Concussion and Head Injuries <
Concussion Resources <
In addition, member schools may find the WIAA concussion information on the WIAA web site at: 

We have provided a page of questions and answers as well on the WIAA web site. As we receive questions, we will 
continue to update that page. The law does not require or even reference school districts (or youth athletic activity 
organizers) need to complete baseline (ImPACT) testing. ImPACT is a tool which your physician or trainers may 
recommend, but it is not a requirement by the law.

While coaches education is a best practice and suggested additional training for coaches should be considered by 
the school administration. It is highly recommended and it is free at the CDC web site or at https://www.NFHSLearn.

We would urge you to provide the information to your community’s youth athletic organizations. Please inform them 
that our information is available for FREE and they may use it to conform to the Sideline to Safety law.